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Fearless Steps: Participant Data

Updated: Dec 15, 2022

Are you interested in contributing to LanguageARC and want to know what languages participants speak and their age ranges? Below, participant data for the 5 tasks within the "Fearless Steps" project is displayed.

Fearless Steps

The oldest participant in this task was born in 1971, the year that NASA launched Apollo 15, its 4th Moon landing mission. The youngest was born in 1999, the year NASA selected Eileen Collins as the first woman to command a US spacecraft.

The oldest participant in this task was born in 1963, the year the Saturn I SA-4 flight was launched from NASA’s Kennedy Space Center.

The youngest participant in this task was born in 2004, the year NASA launched Gravity Probe B, an experiment that used four gyroscopes to test aspects of general relativity.

The above slide shows that variations in transcriptions are possible even when participants listen to and transcribe the same audio clip. Having multiple participants with different perspectives do the same task helps strengthen research; different responses to the same item sensitize researchers to how perceptions and conclusions may vary and allows them to cross-examine data they receive.

The youngest participant in this task was born in 2000, the year that NASA marked its 100th Space Shuttle mission with STS-92, a space shuttle that traveled to the International Space Station.

LanguageARC contributors span a wide range of ages and are experts in a variety of languages. People of any age and language background can help researchers, educators and technology developers do better work.


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